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James Turk interviews Matterhorn Asset Management‘s Egon Von Greyerz (one of the most brilliant minds in precious metals today) on the importance of owning physical gold (and silver of course) OUTSIDE the banking system.

A “full-scale financial war” is raging around the world and gold is the secret weapon, geopolitical analyst James G. Rickards tells King World News today.
Rickards says China’s new gold exchange is retaliation for the refusal of the United States to restrain paper currency and help control inflation. He agrees that the exchange has the potential to explode demand for gold.
As for the proposal for Switzerland to create a “parallel” gold-backed franc, Rickards says it would create a massive case of Gresham’s Law, where everyone would dump the unbacked franc for the gold-backed franc. Indeed, Rickards says, the first country that goes to a gold-backed currency will have the only currency anyone wants, the strongest currency in the world. Swiss legislators, he adds, can’t possibly understand the global implications of the proposal.
Holes in the fiat currency dike are popping out all over the place, Rickards says, and in the face of the collapse of their paper currencies, governments will either have to convert their currencies to gold or resort to unprecedented coercion, outlawing gold or punitively taxing it and imposing capital controls.
As usual Rickards has thought things through far more extensively than most analysts. You can listen to his interview at the King World News Internet site HERE


Collateralized debt obligation is now effectively worthless because the collateral behind the debt can no longer be collected. The banks cannot go and get it.
Let’s say you have 10 mortgages at $1 million a piece, the sum total of those mortgages are $10 million. So, the banks took the 10 mortgages and bundled them together into a collateralized debt obligation or CDO with a face value of $10 million.
They then sold that new entity that they created to an investment group of some sort, a pension fund, hedge fund, etc. promising them a yield of let’s say 7%. The sales pitch would emphasize the fact that this CDO was backed by real collateral. In the event of loan defaults by the borrowers, the banks would tell the buyer of the CDO that the collateral behind the loan could be sold to recapture any potential losses on the part of the purchaser.
Everything seemed to work fine until the defaults began and the foreclosure process kicked into high gear. The foreclosure process has exposed fatal flaws in the system and the flaw is that the banks cannot prove clear ownership of the mortgage.
Consequently, they are then barred from foreclosing on the property. Because they can no longer foreclose on the properties, the CDO is now effectively worthless.
The hedge funds and the pension funds cannot now sell these CDO’s on the open market, so how are they going to recover their original investment? Perhaps you may say that won’t be a problem because these instruments were insured. The problem is now the credit default swap or the insurance policy that was purchased to protect against default assumes that the insurer has the financial wherewithal or resources to make good on the claim.
If there were only a small number of these problem CDO’s this would not be an issue. But as the number of the foreclosures continue to skyrocket, and more and more banks are prohibited from seizing the collateral behind the property, the sheer magnitude of the number of claims presented to the insurer will overwhelm their balance sheet.
In effect what you have is an insurance company which doesn’t have enough money to pay off the claims. Compounding the problem is the fact that the CDO’s and credit default swaps related to these claims form a mass network of interdependence. This then ripples through the entire system and creates a domino effect which can cause the failure of entities creating the next financial crisis.
Ultimately the Federal Reserve will be asked to step in and buy up the now worthless CDO’s and put those on its balance sheet. In order to do this the Federal Reserve will have to engage in massive quantitative easing, taking onto its balance sheet the worthless CDO’s in exchange for newly issued treasuries.
This of course will have a horrific effect on the US Dollar which is why gold and silver are heading much higher.
Dan Norcini (JS Mineset)

Watch the interview by clicking HERE

The world economy will soon go into an accelerated and precipitous decline which will make the 2007 to early 2009 downturn seem like a walk in the park. The world financial system has temporarily been on life support by trillions of printed dollars that governments call money. But the effect of this massive money printing is ephemeral since it is not possible to save a world economy built on worthless paper by creating more of the same. Nevertheless, governments will continue to print since this is the only remedy they know. Therefore, we are soon likely to enter a phase of money printing of a magnitude that the world has never experienced…
The following excerpt is from the weekly missive of a brilliant Dow Theory market newsletter titled: “The Stock Market Barometer“.
It looks at today’s economic and financial woes from a truly free minded point of view.
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Sooner or later you have to ask yourself how you got into this predicament and I’ve come to the conclusion that it was all part of a plan, a plan that took a century to play out and cut far deeper than anyone ever could have imagined. To say it was sinister is an understatement. How do you set out to steal the wealth of an entire nation, and not just any nation, but the richest most powerful nation in the world? America was founded by a group of men who were the Socrates of their generation; men of wealth and position who rejected the threats and orders of their leaders because the leaders were fundamentally flawed. So they rebelled, and they won. The republic they formed was not perfect, but it was better than any that had come before. The foundation they laid allowed the United States to become the richest and most powerful nation in the world within a very short time of 137 years, and it did so with a relatively small government, no central bank, and no income tax. It also led to the formation of the largest middle class the world has ever seen, and it was a middle class that was educated.

By 1913 the US possessed the finest public school system in the world, from kindergarten to university, and it helped produce the Ford’s, Edison’s, and Wright brother’s that turned the world on its ear. Life in the US was difficult but it offered benefits and the promise of something better. That’s what caused hundreds of thousands of people to immigrate to the US from 1875 to 1915 as the word spread about America. Great minds who sought freedom of thought came to the US and made great contributions. By comparison the United States now imports Jamaican gangs and Mexican drug dealers, and all the corruption that comes with it.

Did you know that the drug dealers pay out millions of dollars a year to lobbyists in order to ensure that the US never legalizes drugs! They are illegal, pay no taxes, corrupt our system, make no contribution what-so-ever, and yet they have more influence on Congress than you or I do. Is that a great country or what?

Although I can’t prove it, I believe that once the Fed and income tax were implemented in 1913, someone sat down and decided that a nation of thinkers was no longer desirable because they would be too hard to control. Instead what was needed was a nation of mules needed to pull the cart of civilization. Until the early part of the 1900’s the purpose of education was derived from the Latin word educo, meaning to draw out from within. Slowly that began to change and was replaced by a giant babysitting service that produced a slave mentality enhanced by years carrot-and-whip grading. Original thought was frowned upon. You read a book or listened to a lecture and then vomited that back onto a piece of paper, and the best grade went to the student with the best memory. No thinking required. To ensure the illusion of education, quotas were introduced requiring degrees to become mandatory. In order to distract the masses so they wouldn’t know what they were missing, television was introduced with an almost infinite amount of channels. Sports became the end all for many so you could live vicariously through your team. Then came the X-boxes and the video games; all designed to dumb down the masses. Caesar threw bread to the masses at the Coliseum, giving them blood sport and just enough sustenance so they wouldn’t notice the Empire crumble around them.

In order to control an uneducated mass you need a big bureaucracy and that’s why government has expanded so much in the US over the last thirty years. Don’t ever think that Big Brother is there to protect you, Big Brother is there to control you, and if he can’t control you he will suppress you. If you resist he will use “extreme prejudice”. He will try to scare you into submission by telling you that your security is in jeopardy, thereby convincing you to give up little bits and pieces of the freedom that so many Americans fought and died for 200 years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and Madison were rolling over in their respective graves as they see what we’ve done with their work. The US Constitution has been so disemboweled that what passes for the law of the land today would be unrecognizable to them, and therein lays the problem. How are you going to take back what you threw away? This question goes beyond markets and money, and involves your basic freedom. As things get worse in the US people are going to become upset, they’ll want to assign blame while those in charge will not want to relinquish their grip on power. Conflict will result as the courts will not recognize your rights under the US Constitution. That as I see it is where we are headed and we are now so far down that road that there is no turning back.”

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