Gold and Silver Market Suppression Failures Flash Buy Signal


“I am writing this in a 5-part series. The first three parts will document in as much detail as space allows the methods and actors involved in the historic and current price suppression of the gold market.

The fourth piece will tell you how to profit from gold, and the fifth from silver. These last two parts are really how to survive it first, and then profit from it. I say this because the gold market is an economic signal that cannot be ignored, no matter how much the powers that be want you to. If the powers that be are trying this hard to suppress this invaluable economic signal, then this is one ominous sign that we are in for a large economic ‘adjustment’ period.

Each piece will be released on consecutive days. Please be patient as the story is gradually told. I endeavored to put as much information here as to make this a solid basis for gold (and silver) market investment analysis, and not a typical ‘one-off’ chart and recommendation piece …”

A series of essays that has begun to be posted at Seeking Alpha by Robert Kientz, an auditor and former broker and currency market analyst, is worth looking up at the Seeking Alpha website.
The essays are titled “Gold and Silver Market Suppression Failures Flash Buy Signal“. You can find the first of the series HERE, and the second one HERE