For those not familiar with the thought and work of Martin Armstrong suffice to say that he’s a remarkable personality, a brilliant futurist and renegade economist whose theories and forecasts have earned him the title of “a modern day Livermore” and “the only true genius in finance“.
Having said that, the man is now serving a 5 year term in prison for charges of fraud against Japanese investors!
Armstrong was a frequent contributor to academic journals and was often sought for comment on financial topics.
As an investor, he claims that his market timing approach predicted both the high-water mark of the Nikkei in 1989, months ahead of time, and also the July 20, 1998, high in the U.S. equities market.
In 1981 Armstrong formed Princeton Economics and, in 1998, he established a hedge fund in partnership with Magnum Global Investments
Armstrong published in May 2009 a piece entitled “Is Democracy Dying? Leviathan, The Power Cleverly Hidden Behind Politicians” in which he uses the history to explain the delusion of Democracy.
The paper “Looking Behind the Curtain”, Published by Armstrong on April 9 2009, details purported events connecting Goldman Sachs to U.S. government manipulation of financial markets.
Attached here is his -mind boggling- latest missive (don’t forget to toggle full screen view for comfortable read):